Expected: National Talking Traffic Road Show

18 September 2018

Starting next autumn, those involved in traffic management and road management will be able to experience how Talking Traffic’s new services work in practice during a special bus tour in their own region. Together with regional authorities, the Talking Traffic Partnership is organising a Road Show, which involves a customised bus tour in several regions. En route, participants will cross intersections with operational intelligent traffic control systems, they will see how static and dynamic parking data is represented, how road works are announced in real time and how the information from variable message signs above motorways, for example, is shown in apps in real time.

Before and after the tour, participants will be updated about the most recent developments and about how the public-private chain is established. We will also discuss what these services could mean for the participants’ own region, cities and companies, and the daily travel of residents and employees, and how we can expand the further use and significance of these services together.

Participants will be invited to download the apps prior to the bus tour so they can get acquainted with the new information services using their own smart phone. This will provide valuable input about the downloading, installation, activation and especially the use of the apps. After the end of the tour, all participants will go home with a large amount of knowledge and insight, first-hand experience and the details of a dedicated contact.

During the Mobility Trade Fair in Houten that is due to take place on 28 and 29 November, a special bus tour will be available in the immediate vicinity of the trade fair location.

For whom?

The Talking Traffic Road Show is meant for road managers, BO-MIRT coordinators, administrators and regional colleagues. We are organising a separate tour for logistics colleagues, companies and external parties in collaboration with logistics contacts and brokers from the various regions.

Plenty to see in the Clean Tech Region

Arjan Brink (Clean Tech Region): “In the Clean Tech Region (around Deventer, Apeldoorn and Zutphen) we can already show various innovations, such as communication between vehicles and intelligent traffic lights. In Apeldoorn and Deventer, participants in the Road Show can use the app to see the time it takes until the light turns green, including the recommended driving speed. We also show information about parking, open bridges and road works.
We think this Road Show is a great idea. We have already organised meetings for municipalities and companies ourselves, but the good thing about such a bus tour is that people can really see and experience how it works. That first-hand experience is so important. Participation in the tour gives other municipalities a good impression of the applicability and the benefits, such as a better flow of traffic and fewer cars driving round looking for a parking space.”

Nice addition to our simulations

Sandra Kamphuis, product manager for intelligent traffic control systems at Sweco: “We are now showing our customers in simulations how the intelligent traffic control systems will soon work. This Road Show is a great alternative way to show how it works in practice. We will soon be rolling out intelligent traffic control systems at intersections in Helmond. Here, for example, participants will be able to see in the Flitsmeister app how long it takes for the traffic light to turn red or green, and why they have to wait a little longer (information about a bus that is arriving). We are also clearly showing the prioritisation of target groups.”

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