Clusters and expertise

The Partnership Talking Traffic is a collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, 60 regional and local government authorities and 20 nationally and internationally operating companies.

These partners are working together to accelerate the development, roll out and deployment of traffic light data (cluster 1). A second shared goal is the processing, enrichment and distribution of a wide variety of data, for subsequent conversion into tailor-made data sets and information available in real time (cluster 2). The third objective is to make this information available to a wide range of road users via their smartphones, PNDs and built-in navigation systems (cluster 3).

The companies that are sharing their knowledge via these three clusters form a precise reflection of today’s high-tech information society. They range from the knowledge and experience provided by one of the largest suppliers of telecommunication and ICT services right through to start-ups who disrupt the market with ground-breaking ideas and short market introduction times.

The mix of global and local players in the Partnership will accelerate the development and implementation of new support services for road users. This in turn will form the starting point for subsequent phases in connected and autonomous driving, while at the same time releasing new services in 2018, that will have a direct effect on the road.


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