The partnership

The PartnershipTalking Traffic is a collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, 60 regional and local authorities and national and international private companies.

These partners are working together to accelerate development and deployment with regard to retrieving and organising traffic light data (cluster 1), to process, enrich and distribution of a wide variety of data and convert this into real-time and made-to-measure data sets and information (cluster 2) and to provide this information to a wide variety of road users (cluster 3) though their smart phones, PNDs and in-car systems. This joint co-investment program seeks to enhance the availability of intelligent data for a wide group of road users (cars, trucks, public transport, emergency services, cyclists). This way, the safety and sustainability of traffic and transport can be enhanced resulting in the reduction of travel times and, eventually, lower public expenditure.

Private parties not only cover these three clusters with their knowledge, they are also a good reflection of today’s technological information society. From the knowledge and authority of, for example, one of the largest suppliers of telecommunication and ICT services, to start-ups that disrupt the market with daring ideas and fast time to market.

Mixing global and local players in this Partnership speeds up development and deployment of new driver assistance services and lays the ground work for the next levels in connected and automated driving while delivering new services from the beginning of 2018 onwards.

More information can be found in this brochure.