Becoming a partner

We welcome every company, knowledge institution and regional government to join the Partnership Talking Traffic. For companies and knowledge institutions this can be done in two ways: by joining or by acceding. Does your government organisation wish to join? Please then contact.

To join

The Parties that provide a product or service that can be linked to a product or service of a Party within the Partnership, can join the Partnership. The objective of this connection is to obtain and / or transfer Talking Traffic data for the benefit of Talking Traffic. It is possible to join with or without the right to use the name and logo of the Partnership. The conditions to join are predominantly technical in nature. Additionally, it is important for companies who decide to join the Partnership Talking Traffic, to adhere to the same principles in the area of road safety, security and privacy.

To accede

By acceding to the Partnership Talking Traffic, companies enter into a relationship at organisational level, without technically linking their own product or service to the Talking Traffic products. The Parties commit themselves to the value chain of the open ecosystem. By acceding, the focus is on knowledge sharing within the Partnership. New entrants can, for example, take part in the discussions of the working groups.

Interested in joining or acceding? Please contact Talking Traffic. For more information on joining and acceding to Talking Traffic, please refer to the complete file.