Information services

Partnership Talking Traffic has developed useful apps that you can use while having your phone in a smartphone holder. These apps translate the data into personal advice that helps the road user navigate through traffic safely and efficiently. The new services, for example, provide individual speed advice and warnings for hazardous situations. A driver can receive warnings for tailbacks, sudden braking, slippery road conditions or a local fog bank, accidents and road works. Additionally, the driver can be given advice on available parking spaces in the area and advice on the best route in case of road works or accidents. The ongoing support via the navigation and the support along the way offers more comfort and makes sure that cars and heavy goods vehicles drive more economically, thereby reducing the impact on our wallets as well as the environment.

The following apps use data from the Partnership to enrich their service provision:

1. Flitsmeister

The Flitsmeister app provides up-to-date traffic information on your route and warns you for any hazardous situations such as stationary vehicles, approaching fire engines or road closures. You can also navigate to an available parking space near your destination. In the future, functionality will be added that allows you to see exactly when the traffic light turns green. Flitsmeister has over 1 million users and can be used throughout Europe.

2. Onderweg [En route]

Onderweg is a plug-in for navigation apps. Onderweg provides the latest available Talking Traffic information, including traffic and accident information, speed limits and speed advice and the information from smart traffic lights. Motorists can then use both their favourite navigation app and receive the smart traffic information from Talking Traffic.

3. Superroute

Superroute integrates road and traffic information in a convenient app. The app shows you, among other things, the maximum speed limit and the speed at which you drive, and you also see the information from the matrix displays directly on your screen. Other advice, too, such as traffic warnings or warnings for poor road conditions can be found in the app. A ribbon on the app furthermore shows you how long your traffic light will remain green.