Intelligent solutions for road users and cities

Throughout the world and most certainly in a small and densely populated country like the Netherlands, urbanisation levels are growing steadily and space is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. At the same time, the use of mobile devices is growing at lightning pace and the Internet of Things is emerging as an ever more important phenomenon. When taken together, these factors represent undreamed-of opportunities for the smarter organisation of mobility and the improved use of limited space. Via new technologies, people, devices and systems can communicate together and share information with one another.

Huge volumes of data are available about speed, driving behaviour and location. By being continuously ‘connected’ we are in a position to share that data. In the Partnership Talking Traffic, public and private parties are working together to access knowledge and data which can subsequently be made available in real time, for individual road users, via tailor-made applications. These are innovative services that enable road users to see beyond their windscreen.

Traffic flow, cost savings, sustainable

Traffic and transport are becoming increasingly intelligent. Information technology is already able to improve the use of road capacity. By approaching mobility issues ever more smartly, journey times can be further shortened and traffic flows will be improved, resulting in lower government spending.

Fewer wasted kilometres, less unnecessary braking and acceleration, no more delays with red traffic lights when no other road users are nearby, more cars driving ‘through green lights’; in addition to these advantages, savings can be made in costs and fine particulate and CO2 emissions can be reduced.


Arriving at your destination a few minutes earlier; no longer having to search for a parking space and driving that little bit more economically due to less unnecessary stopping and starting: all are positive developments that in the long term will also make a difference in the pocket of the road user. All these savings in journey times, fuel and costs for all users of Talking Traffic combined will contribute to the ambitions of the Netherlands in terms of tackling congestion and improving sustainability. The biggest plus for road users is the additional comfort on the road: you always know what to expect.

Road safety

Talking Traffic is a targeted step towards fewer road traffic incidents; a fully warned, alert road user can focus more on the traffic and make the right choices at critical moments.

Agreements have been reached with all partners to ensure that Talking Traffic services make the maximum possible contribution to reducing the number and improving anticipation of unsafe traffic situations. Specific demands have also been imposed on all partners to ensure that road users are able to make safe use of these services while in the car or on the bicycle. In every case, the underlying principle is: the driver (cyclist) must at all times be able to focus full attention on the road. 


Connected and autonomous cars

Based as it is on connectivity and data interchange, Talking Traffic represents an important step towards the introduction of autonomous cars and new infrastructure for connected and automated transport.