Cloud services

Society is rapidly changing. The influence of continuing innovations driven by information technology has an impact on the everyday life. New solutions, techniques and services are rapidly made available. The smartphone use in the Netherlands is well above 80% and 4G subscriptions represent an increasingly large share of the market. Connectivity has become a basic need.

Connectivity and smart mobility

This connectivity can also be put to use in traffic: direct information from the vehicle in front of you or from traffic lights, for instance, can be made available through wireless communication. Consider, for example, information about the speed of the vehicle in front of you and the type of vehicle. This type of information will be shared via the cloud. We then speak of ‘cooperative technology’. In recent years, pilots have been launched in the Netherlands as well as in many other countries involving cooperative techniques, with promising results. Studies have shown a 10 to 25 per cent improvement in travel times, fuel consumption, emissions and / or road safety. For road users this means more comfort, less travel time, more safety and lower costs.

Data makes traffic advisories personal

The Partnership Talking Traffic uses cloud services and connectivity to roll out smart mobility solutions. Cloud services carry and enrich relevant data of companies and governments, and combine these with data from other sources. For example, data can be enriched with extreme weather conditions or an accident with precise information concerning the location. This will allow customised information for each user: on the time relevant to them and on the basis of their traveling direction, route, speed and the vehicle being used.

Suppliers of cloud services attach great importance to privacy and security. How? Please read more here.