When driving your car, you can see no more than 100 metres ahead through your windscreen. Talking Traffic enables you to look further ahead to what is happening in front of you. Think of traffic jams, slippery road surfaces, the current speed limit, an accident three kilometres away or the waiting time at a red traffic light before it turns green. Also, by transmitting data real-time, motorists can 'warn' each other in time. This can help prevent accidents and any unnecessary delays.

Anyone driving a vehicle with a smartphone, an up-to-date navigation system or a vehicle that displays this type of information on the dashboard, can make use of the services of Talking Traffic. From the moment of departure to the arrival at destination: these services support the road user from A to Z. They include virtually everything you encounter along the way, from warnings, detours, roadside instructions and prohibitions, parking spaces, etc. It makes life considerably simpler. The Partnership Talking Traffic combines all data and converts these into personal real-time advice:

Warnings for emergency services vehicles

Many motorists jump at the sound of sirens. Understandably: it is often not quite clear exactly which direction the emergency vehicle is coming from and you have to hurry to make room. The information from Talking Traffic makes this a thing of the past. The technique in the car warns road users in good time for any approaching ambulances or fire engines. Another advantage: the emergency services vehicles get a green wave all the way to the scene of the incident, therefore avoiding the risks of running the light.

Maximum speed limits

Who hasn’t had this: the roadside signs indicate 100, yet only between 06:00 and 19:00. The matrix displays indicate 80. And did you just pass another speed sign, or not? The maximum speed in the Netherlands will adapt to the circumstances at certain places. This is positive, however, sometimes also confusing. The services of Talking Traffic always show you the correct speed limit. Travelling with a trailer? Simply tell the app and it’ll remind you of the adjusted speed limit.

Warnings for traffic jams

In addition to much daily irritation, traffic jams also pose a safety risk. Cars standing still right in the middle of the motorway. Accidents from cars crashing into traffic jams are often severe. Apps such as Flitsmeister, Onderweg [En route] and Superroute warn congestions ahead, enabling you to adjust your speed in time.

Traffic lights

It is probably the most innovative and exceptional part of the Partnership Talking Traffic: a timer that counts down until the traffic light in front of you turns green or red. Suppose: you arrive at an intersection, but you see that the light is still red. The smartphone on your windscreen, however, can tell you that it is about to turn to green. Instead of fully hitting the brakes, you let the car slow down and you smoothly continue your route when the traffic light turns green. This saves travel time and CO2 emission!

Open bridge alert

A bridge that has opened, easily adds to a couple of minutes delay. If only you had known in advance that the bridge was open, you would have taken a different route! You now can with Talking Traffic. The app notifies you of any bridges that have opened, allowing you to opt for a different route.

Parking information and paid parking

The days of searching endlessly for a good parking space are over. Talking Traffic’s information enables you to check the surrounding parking options directly after having entered your destination. You not only see the capacity of the car parks, but also the number of available spaces. Select a car park and the navigation will immediately begin to guide you to it. Roadside parking, too, becomes easier: the technology enables you to pay directly from the same app.

Matrix displays

The information shown on the matrix displays above the motorways is also shown on your screen with the use of the service provision of Talking Traffic. In doing so, you are always kept informed about the situation on the road ahead of you.

Notifications of hazardous situations

Poor road conditions, a car standing still along the side of the road, a road inspector at work in the verge… These are situations that can pop up and surprise you while on the road. Apps like Flitsmeister, Onderweg [En route] and Superroute report these types of incidents to help alert you. Have you spotted something en route which did not appear on your screen? If so, report this. This way we help improve traffic safety together.

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