Road authorities

It is becoming increasingly busy in our cities. The increasing congestion is making the challenge all the greater for cities to remain liveable and safe.

Improving traffic flow, monitoring the air quality and digitalising mobility: these are just some of the themes that many road authorities may be faced with. The service provision of Partnership Talking Traffic gives you a toolbox to deal with these types of themes.

Smart traffic lights

An important development within Talking Traffic is that road users not only communicate with one another, but also with the infrastructure. And this with just one second delay at the most. A new generation of smart traffic lights (iVRIs) has been developed within the framework of the Partnership Talking Traffic, which can identify what cars, bicycles and busses are approaching them. This makes it possible to coordinate traffic flows more efficiently with the use of dynamic controls of traffic lights. Smart traffic light controllers can also ‘give priority’ to certain traffic flows over other traffic, such as bicycles, emergency services vehicles or public transportation for example. The traffic light can also automatically arrange for an entire truck platoon to catch the green light in one go. This saves slowing down and accelerating and in so doing also saves time, fuel and the emission of CO2, as well as money. It has been calculated that the social costs amount to 90 million euro per year due to not adjusting all traffic lights often enough. Having new smart traffic light controllers in place, the adjustments will be done automatically and continually. Investment costs are then quickly recouped. Read more about the smart traffic light controllers.


Data serves as the backbone of the service provision of Talking Traffic. Think about it: when you want to provide advice on a parking space, you do need to have an insight into the number of available spaces in a car park. To advise a motorist on the quickest route, it is helpful to know where and when the road works are scheduled. And to inform them about the maximum speed limit, this information must be available in the system. This is a major challenge for road authorities and other civil servants. They must make the data available so that the service provision can prove its added value.

View the data score card here to check the progress of your municipality in sharing the data.

This video shows you more possibilities offered by Talking Traffic:

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