Cycling is both healthy and good for the environment. Various apps are being developed within the Partnership Talking Traffic that make cycling even more fun and safer.

Smooth cycling
When a cyclist using a Talking Traffic app approaches an intersection, the traffic system is notified. The next step is to see whether the green wave can be extended for the cyclist or whether the cyclist can get a green light sooner. When the system detects a group of several cyclists, this group can get priority over other traffic. The traffic light switches from red to green sooner for the group or remains green for a bit longer. This means fewer stops and you continue cycling uninterruptedly. And once you have installed the app there is nothing else to do! The phone will remain safely tucked away in your jacket pocket or bag. Download the ZekerOpTijd [Sure to be on Time] or CrossCycle apps.

Another option is to create a green wave for yourself: your phone or another device, such as the smart bicycle bell (the halo) will receive a recommended speed to get to the next green light. The technique also allows you to select a parking space before you leave. You will see exactly where your bike will be parked safely and receive information about the opening hours and possible rates of the bicycle parking. You are now well informed before you travel.

Download the app! Want to know more? Please contact!

This video explains how Talking Traffic helps make cycling more fun and safer: