As a carrier, you want to deliver the best service; preferably as fast and in the most sustainable way possible.  Where possible, you save on fuel and CO2 emissions. The Partnership Talking Traffic facilitates this. The information from Talking Traffic provides road authorities with the opportunity to instantly translate traffic policy into the road. When a municipality chooses to guide cargo transport through the city as quickly as possible, this then can be set up. Heavy goods vehicles will then be equipped with appliances that enable the exchange of data with the traffic lights. Before departure, the lorry driver indicates whether he is carrying cargo or not and if so, what type of cargo this is. On the basis of this information as well as on the policy of the municipality, the heavy goods vehicle gets priority over the other traffic, meaning a green wave.

Even when the lorry driver is not given priority, Talking Traffic offers benefits. The data exchange ensures better information about the situation on the road. Consider, for example, the personalised maximum speed limits for heavy goods vehicles and a recommended speed to catch the next green light. Some Talking Traffic advices are aimed specifically at the logistics sector, such as information about applicable overtaking restrictions. The apps also provide timely information on road works, traffic jams, an opened bridge or other situations on the road. On the basis of that information, lorry drivers can make a better assessment of the route and it helps improve road safety. Drivers having experienced the technique are very positive about its use.

Talking Logistics evolved from the Talking Traffic programme, and focuses exclusively on the logistics sector. Click here to read more about Talking Logistics.