Available everywhere

The Talking Traffic apps work in exactly the same way, throughout the Netherlands. The essential system parameters include the requirement that all services and products within Talking Traffic have to be broadly available and fully scalable, nationally and internationally.

Evidently, the partnership employs the international standards for data interchange. Wherever such standards are not yet available, the Partnership Talking Traffic can contribute to the development of new standards in Europe, that will make it possible for road users over the national borders to make use of similar services, while Dutch businesses can launch their products and services on foreign markets.


A key element of Talking Traffic is the development and provision of a new generation of Traffic light installations that continuously communicate with oncoming vehicles via the cloud services provided by various parties. The new architecture designed, built and tested for this purpose ensures that various components of the control software from different suppliers can function seamlessly, in combination. This will contribute to the further opening up of the TLI market, resulting in increased competition and innovation. All the technology and interfaces comply with the international ETSI standards (SPaT, MAP, CAM, SRM, SSM, DENM), so that among others the automotive manufacturing industry can quickly make use of this form of communication.

At the same time, road managers in cities, provinces and at Rijkswaterstaat are working to create uniform, functional ‘rules of play’ for network optimisation, intersection prioritisation and the topology of those intersections. This will reduce costs and guarantee optimum knowledge sharing between individual government authorities and between the private and public sector.