Report by Ecorys on ‘Societal impact of smart and sustainable urbanisation’

28 March 2022

Research-based consultancy firm Ecorys has conducted an exploratory study of the social effects of investing in smart and sustainable urbanisation.

This study shows that smart infill development creates substantial social added value compared to the traditional way of expanding a city by means of new extension. The exploratory study also shows that an integrated approach is needed to enable smart infill development. The domains of space, mobility and energy require cohesive investments. The substantial benefits in the energy domain, for example, cannot be realised without investments in the spatial domain (compact building of energy-efficient homes). At the same time, we see that the relatively large investments in the mobility domain (including the mobility hubs) are recouped in the spatial domain as a result of limited car ownership and the accompanying parking spaces that become available, and additional green spaces in the city. If the investments and social effects are assessed separately per domain, this may lead to the wrong conclusions being drawn.

You can read the summary of the report here