Dutch Road Authorities win Business Rules Excellence Awards for the Methodology of Rule Based Dynamic Traffic Management

08 November 2018

Today at the Building Business Capabilities Conference, the Steering Committee for the first annual Business Rules Excellence Awards (BREA), announced that Dutch Road Authorities, The Netherlands, nominated by Lab for Intelligent Business Rules Technology, is among the 2018 winners.

“What makes this award special for me is that two disciplines come together: declarative rules and traffic management. The Netherlands has outstanding expertise in both displines.” said Silvie Spreeuwenberg, LibRT to the Steering Committee for the first annual Business Rules Excellence Awards (BREA).

Positive impact

Throughout the world and most certainly in a small and densely populated country like the Netherlands, urbanization levels are growing steadily and space is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. Huge volumes of data are available about speed, driving behavior and location. We use that data to prevent congestion and encourage free flow on (high priority) roads. The method standardizes the business logic for requesting traffic services to increase outbound traffic flow, decrease inbound traffic flow or reroute traffic. The services change the behavior of traffic lights and instruct road users. As a result, traffic is distributed over the road network conform the agreed policy and the vehicle loss hours due to congestion is decreased.


All stakeholders (municipal, state, central government) are connected while they used to work in different ways. They report improved traffic performance due to transition from instrument management to network optimization with the new methodology. This method paved the road for using location aware smart devices (IoT) & smart mobility that will be further developed in the talking traffic program

About the Dutch Road Authorities  

The methodology for rule based dynamic traffic management is a joint development of the different road authorities (municipal, state, central government) in the Netherlands, represented by the Landelijk Verkeersmanagement Beraad (LVMB).  LVMB is responsible for standardization and innovation to facilitate smart mobility in the Netherlands.

About talking traffic

Talking Traffic is a public-private partnership between the national government, regional and local authorities and some twenty market parties from the traffic industry, the Internet and telecom sector, service providers and automotive parties, who will jointly invest 90 million euros in the development of innovative traffic applications in the period up to 2020. Connectivity, data availability and the introduction of intelligent FRIs are the main pillars of this partnership, with the aim of improving traffic safety, traffic flow and quality of life in the Netherlands. LVMB is closely involved in Talking Traffic. More information can be found at www.talking-traffic.com.

About LibRT

The Lab for Intelligent Business Rules Technology provides consulting and training services to deliver automated compliance, business rules expertise and precise specifications for on-time software delivery. Silvie Spreeuwenberg, founder of LibRT, has been facilitating the development of the methodology for rule based dynamic traffic management. Website: www.librt.com