Best Technical Paper Award for paper on TLEX by Paul Potters

23 September 2018

The paper by Paul Potters of Monotch, partner of the Talking Traffic Partnership, was selected as the winner of the Best Technical Paper Award (EMEA region) of the 25th ITS World Congress that took place from 17-21 September 2018 in Copenhagen. The paper is about TLEX (Traffic Light Exchange) as a central point for automated real-time data exchange between intelligent traffic control systems, intelligent Traffic Light Controllers and road users. Potters received the award during the congress’ closing ceremony on Friday 21 September.

Potters’ papers were selected from hundreds of technical papers. He is happy and honoured that he received this prestigious award at this important international ITS congress.

He also presented his paper at the congress. “TLEX is mainly innovative because it is operational nationwide and does not depend on suppliers. Because it is a cloud platform, it is easy and affordable for road managers to use, even with small numbers of intelligent traffic control systems. The platform was designed according to the latest technical standards. As a result, security and privacy have been embedded in the design.”

From the summary

Traffic Light Exchange (TLEX) has been operational since the summer of 2017. TLEX is a central point for automated real-time data exchange between new smart traffic lights (intelligent traffic control systems) and road users, enabling road users, intelligent traffic control systems and infrastructure to communicate with each other in real time with the aim of achieving a smooth, efficient and safe flow of traffic. Access to the data of all iTLCs is provided via TLEX, regardless of the supplier of the traffic signal, making national coverage possible.